Listen to The Ocean for 6-8 year olds

Listen to The Ocean

Have you ever seen the ocean? What does it sound like? If you haven’t, what do you think it would sound like? Can you make a list of animals that live in the ocean?

Bibi, the BookSpring butterfly loves the ocean!  What about you? 

Read at Home Together

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Things to Do Together

  1. Learn more with our partner Austin PBS: Play the Water Safari Game
  2. Take a piece of paper and glue it into a cylinder. Cut eight slits in one end to create the tentacles of your octopus. Curl this paper around a pencil to give the tentacles some shape. Don’t forget to draw a face on your octopus!
  3. Create an ocean diorama using a shoebox. Turn the shoebox on its side, and cover/color the back (bottom) of the shoebox blue. Now use paper/cardboard to make the animals that you want swimming in your ocean. Tie them to a piece of string and attach that to the top of the box so they hang down.
  4. Cut fish shapes from cardboard and cover them with tinfoil. You can either draw on the foil or you can use your nail or a similar object to create lines/patterns in the foil. Don’t press too hard!
  5. Pack a backpack with all the things you would need for a field trip to the ocean and then watch live aquarium footage here:

Ways to Move Together

Play “sharks and minnows”

    1. Choose 1 person to be the shark, everyone else starts as a minnow.
    2. Choose the area where the minnows will be safe from the shark.
    3. Shark says “Fishy, fishy come out and play” and the minnows move towards the shark.
    4. Shark says “shark attack” and tries to catch the minnows before they reach the safe area.
    5. Any minnows who are caught become sharks and the game continues until there is only 1 minnow left.
    6. They become the shark for the new round.

Share Together

At the end of the week, reflect on what you read, and what you did.  What was the most surprising thing you learned about the ocean?

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Listen to The Ocean for 6-8 year olds
Listen to the Ocean Weekly Theme
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