Jurassic Readers for 6-8 year olds

Bibi here. Do you like dinosaurs? RAWR… I do too! T-Rex, Raptors, and Triceratops. This week we take a Jurassic Readers journey as we explore the world of dinosaurs. 

Watch this video, download books to read together, and explore things to do with BookSpring.

Books to Read Together 

Here are some books to read together!  You can download and save them and keep them forever, to read again and again. You will also find discussion questions for each book. 

The Unusual Rainmaking Duet:

  • Do you like playing in the rain?
  • Do you like to sing like the Dinosaur and the man?

Discovering Dinosaurs

  • What is your favorite type of dinosaur and why? 
  • Have you ever tried to dig for dinosaur fossils? What fossils do you think you could find?

Dynamic Dinosaurs

  • If you could have any dinosaur as a pet, what would it be?
  • Do you like to learn about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals?

La Tierra de Amistad

  • ¿Por qué estaba triste el dinosaurio?
  • ¿Con quien se hizo amigo?
  • ¿Cómo haces amigos tu?

Cantando Bajo La Lluvia

  • ¿Te gusta jugar en la lluvia?
  • ¿Te gusta cantar como el dinosaurio y el hombre?

Un Futuro Brillante: El Sueño de Amber

  • ¿Cómo son los dinosaurios?
  • ¿Te gusta pintar los dinosaurios?

Things to Do Together

Create: You can make some incredible dinosaurs with an empty cardboard box, cutting shapes with slots to fit the pieces together. For some great ideas, take a look at https://theimaginationtree.com/cardboard-dinosaur-craft-kids/?utm_source=feedburner&amp=&utm_medium=email&amp=&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+theimaginationtree%2FXyqA+%28The+Imagination+Tree%29 

Create: Write a list of characteristics of dinosaurs under the headings “Can,” “Have,” and “Are.” Some examples of what you could include on your list are:

    • reptiles
    • lay eggs
    • eat meat
    • cold-blooded animals
    • horns
    • spikes
    • swim
    • fly
    • extinct

Move: Can you clap the syllables for some of the dinosaurs you discussed? Here are some examples (you will clap once for each syllable as you say it). “-” is used to indicate the break between syllables.

      • Bra-chi-o-saur-us (5 syllables)
      • Ty-ran-o-saur-us (5 syllables)
      • Pter-o-dac-tyl (4 syllables)
      • Steg-o-saur-us (4 syllables)
      • Tri-cer-o-tops (4 syllables)

Move: T-rex says (played like Simon says): give an instruction starting with “T-Rex Says,” e.g. “T-Rex says touch your nose.” Continue with instructions for different movements – your child should do the movements that T-Rex says they should. If the instruction does not start with “T-Rex says,” then your child should shake their head side to side as if saying “no.” 

Reflect on What You Read and Did

At the end of the week, ask these questions to your kids.

  • Did you learn something new about dinosaurs?
  • What do you think dinosaurs could have learned if they’d been able to read books?
  • If you could choose to be a dinosaur for a day – what would you choose to be?

More Ideas To Build Young Readers

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Jurassic Readers for 6-8 year olds
Week 29 Jurrasic Readers Card Ages 6-8A
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