Volunteer Spotlight: Atlassian

Atlassian is our pick for the Volunteer Spotlight!

Atlassian is an Australian enterprise software company, that specializes in products for collaboration and product development. They opened doors on their Austin location in 2014.

The magnificent employees of Atlassian began their involvement with BookSpring as a sponsor for our annual Read-A-Thon. Employees even volunteered their time for two days as we wrapped up the reading frenzy.

The folks at Atlassian take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to the next level. CSR is a corporation’s initiative to contribute to making the world a better place.

Atlassian grew its corporate volunteer efforts throughout the year. Eager to do more, volunteers rolled up their sleeves to decorate the library at Houston Elementary. They even got in the holiday spirit at Norman Elementary where they help children select books to gift to their family members.

They deepen their involvement after lending a helping hand at during our Summer Success program at Perez Elementary. Volunteers assisted students in selecting 10 books to take home over the summer to prevent the Summer Slide.

Inspired by the children’s motivation and excitement, they want to provide students with a reward for all their reading efforts this past summer. Atlassian employees hosted a Bike Build in June. All 15 bikes were donated to participating Summer Success schools to use as prizes.

Austin is a giving city by nature! Our city is known for its robust nonprofit ecosystem that works to build individuals up by providing them with essential resources and services. Nonprofits cannot function without the support of local corporate partners invested in the betterment of their community.

Thank you Atlassian for setting an example for other tech industries and corporate big weights in town.

Volunteer Spotlight: Atlassian
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