20 books by 2020 Story Challenge: Liam H.

Liam H. held a book drive for our literacy programs in lieu of presents for his 11th birthday party. Thanks to his friends at St. Austin Catholic School they collected books to share with other children in Central Texas.

Thanks Liam for helping us provide children in Central Texas with 20 books by 2020. Checkout his Story Challenge!

What was your favorite children’s book, and who was the author?

Liam: The Wild Robot by Peter Brown is one of my favorite books.

What was it about this book that made it special to you?

Liam: The storyline of The Wild Robot was amazing. I mostly enjoyed how the characters were described. You also never knew exactly what might happen next.

Who was your favorite character?

Liam: Brightbill was my favorite character. Brightbill is a gosling – a young goose – that the Wild Robot, who is called Roz, adopted. Brightbill was always excited about his adventures with Roz.

What was the most exciting moment?

Liam: One of the exciting moments in the book was when Roz and Brightbill were being chased by bears and had to run away fast.

Why did you decide to collect books instead of gifts for your birthday? 

Liam: I decided to collect books instead of gifts for my birthday because it was the right thing to do. Some kids don’t have books or a library close to them. I just felt proud to be able to help.

What do you like about reading?

Liam: I might want to be a writer one day. I love the adventures you have in reading. I like stories with fun characters and that

 make you use your imagination. I like the excitement inside of a book.

What other books did you like to read when you were younger?

Liam: I liked Dr. Seuss books and Brown Bear Brown Bear. I also liked Elephant and Piggy. When I started to read chapter books, The Magic Tree House series was my favorite. I’ve read all of them.

What would you tell someone younger learning to read?

Liam: Read, read, read. Don’t stop reading!

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20 books by 2020 Story Challenge: Liam H.
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