Must Read Series: Junie B. Jones

Students from Gorzycki Middle School are helping BookSpring remind kids reading can help them learn and grow. They are reminding all Central Texas families how inspirational and important books can be. A special thank you for helping launch The Must Read Series for kids, which features book recommendations by kids for kids and their families.

Name: Ivy N.. Grade: 6th Grade

If a little kid were to tell me that reading isn’t worth their time, then I would show them the Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park. They changed my life by showing me a whole new world. I wanted to be just like Junie B. She was a strong girl and told everyone what she thought. Every time I opened the book I would jump into a new adventure. She was just so real. I learned from her mistakes and wished that I could live in her world. Junie B. Jones Is about a little girl who starts kindergarten. She shares her adventures by writing in her journal. She goes through problems like losing a tooth or having trouble with friendships and boys. Then she get older but continues to write through her adventures in 1st grade. I would one hundred percent recommend this series because for any girl or boy it shows them that reading can take you somewhere unimaginable. Some of the things Junie B. says just show you that everyone can get back up after you fall. “Girls can be anything boys can be!”- Junie B. Jones. I believe that anybody would love these books and can find a love for reading.

Must Read Series: Junie B. Jones
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