Kid Approved Series : Ramona by Beverly Cleary

The Kid Approved Series is a collection of book recommendations by kids for kids and their families. Kids share what they enjoyed reading the most and why these stories made an impact on them.

Ramona by Beverly Cleary

Review by  Ella L. (Gorzycki Middle School)

When I was little, my favorite book series was Ramona by Beverly Cleary. My favorite character was Ramona because she always found ways to use her imagination, and I love that about her.

My favorite quote was, “But the first bite tastes best.” I like this quote because you usually only like the first couple of times you do something, but after you have it so many times, you start to get tired of it, which goes for everything from food to life.

This book taught me that it’s OK to use your imagination and have fun without going overboard with it. One of the major themes in the book was family. That no matter how much a sibling makes you angry, at the end of the day, you still love each other.

I would recommend this book to a kid because it teaches so many life lessons for little kids, and it’s easy to read by yourself as a boring book or a good book to just set aside time to read it. It would also be a good book because if a parent reads at least a chapter every night to their child, it will have the suspense of wanting to read it before bedtime every night secretly.

If another kid told me that reading wasn’t worth their time, I would tell them that you do not have to read to yourself when you’re younger, your parents could read to you, but when you get a little older, you will want to read by yourself.

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Kid Approved Series : Ramona by Beverly Cleary
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