Start a Book Club at Home

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A book club can be a fun and creative way to encourage enthusiasm for reading.  It’s an informal opportunity for children and families to bond over literature, and can encompass a variety of activities.  If you’re looking to begin or improve a children’s book club, read on for some suggestions.

Get Together

Book clubs are a great way to socialize, and don’t need many participants.  Even better, you can meet as often or as little as you’d like – but make the time and place consistent, even if it’s only once a week.  If you’re holding a book club from home, pick a dedicated spot in any room.  You can even get your child to decorate the meeting place.

A greater involvement in all aspects of your book club increases the chances that your child will continue reading the material that fuels your sessions.  Take the opportunity to bond with your young one over club ideas, from the theme of the meeting to the food served.  Importantly, book clubs can also be a great way to bond with friends and family online.

Gather together as many attendees as you’d like.  Remember, a successful book club can occur with only a parent and child participating.  These activities provide excellent opportunities for peers, siblings, and multiple generations to bond over a love of reading.

How to Find a Title

Choosing a title for your book club is actually an important part of the process.  You should make sure the title is appropriate for your child’s reading level.  Additionally, the book that you choose can inspire all sorts of creative ideas for your club, including discussion topics and craft ideas.

Make Time for Learning and Play

With a loose and informal structure, a book club can feature many opportunities to connect your child to the reading material.   Young readers will likely enjoy the opportunity to voice their thoughts on the characters and plot points that excited them.  Encourage an examination of more abstract elements of the story, such as theme, setting, or point of view.  You can even highlight vocabulary words and passages that make the work unique.

As the point of a book club is to inspire a connection to reading and stories, incorporating arts and crafts, cooking, costumes, and skits is highly encouraged!  Again, the topic or title of a book can fuel ideas for the activities.  For example, if the book is about animals, have your child draw his or her favorite, and serve animal crackers for a snack.

Embrace Creativity

With many opportunities for socialization and collaboration, a book club is a wonderful way to encourage your child’s cognitive and personal growth.  You can inspire a passion for reading from the comforts of home, and with the resources you have available.  The itinerary of the club can be an outlet for creativity — don’t be afraid to adjust the time limit and schedule of subsequent meetings to maximize your child’s engagement.

Have fun and keep reading!

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Start a Book Club at Home
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