Volunteer Spotlight: Kacy Vega

The spotlight is on our volunteer Kacy Vega. She is a resident of San Diego, California but originally hails from the Great Lakes State — Michigan! Kacy is our newest digital literacy advocate helping create content for kids and their parents and caregivers. Check out her book reviews on YouTube. 

What’s your volunteering role with BookSpring?  

I am a book reviewer for BookSpring. I look for books that are fun and I think kids will like, but I’m also looking for titles that will help them grow as readers. I have a certificate in family literacy from Penn State and so I’m carefully assessing the books I select as well, finding those that offer opportunities for developing vocabulary, phonological awareness, narrative skills, and critical thinking.  

What do you like about volunteering with BookSpring?

I like sharing about the interesting books I’ve recently discovered, and I hope to get kids excited about reading them! All it takes is one book to get you hooked and then you’re always looking for that next great story to read. 

Why is reading important to you? 

Reading is a fundamental skill that will help you in all facets of life for your entire life. Not only that, but it’s also a way to connect with others, learn something new, and escape to exciting places via the imagination.

What is your favorite children’s book? 

I have so many favorites! I really like The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. I just heard Disney is making a movie based on the book and it’s set to be released in late summer. 

Thank you to Kacy for her devotion to sharing her love of books and reading with our community! 

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Volunteer Spotlight: Kacy Vega
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