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Do you love to share stories about the good books you’ve read lately?  If so, BookSpring invites you to become a volunteer book reviewer!  You can do this on video, or through a written blog post.  Both ways help share excitement and support for your favorite stories and help us strengthen our community through a shared reading experience.

Write a Book Review to Post

Find a book that you’ve read that you feel passionate about.  Then, start up a plain old Word or Google Doc including the full title, author’s name, and publisher at the top, along with your preferred name and age (use a screen name if you are under 13, and you will need your parent’s permission).  Write in short 2-3 sentence paragraphs, and you might follow this format:

  1. A very brief summary of the book (without spoilers about the ending!)
  2. Who the main character is is what they want to achieve
  3. What’s most memorable about the way the book is written
  4. Who do you think the best audience for the book is, and who would like it most
  5. Your final summary:  a definite yes read, or try something else.

You should aim for between 300-600 words total for your review.  If you can provide a photo of yourself with the book, that would be very helpful!  Then submit your Book Review here, following all the instructions:  Digital Volunteer Submission

Make a Book Review Video

If you’d prefer to make a video review of your favorite book, just use your phone or desktop camera to record your verbal review of the book.  You might outline your thoughts using the same format as the written review, and then practice a bit before the final take.  You should aim for 30 seconds to two minutes in length for your review.  We can take wav, mp4, or mov files. Then submit your Book Review Video here, following all the instructions:  Digital Volunteer Submissions

While we can’t promise that every submission will be added to our blog, it’s a great way to help build a community of readers and help share your experiences with others.  We were recently ranked #38 in the Top 300 Book Review Blogs by Feedspot! Be sure to follow the hashtags #BookSpring #ReadTogether on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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Become a BookSpring Book Reviewer!
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