Volunteer Spotlight: Haley Meyer

We are shining the spotlight on the founder of Community Helping Hands, Austin, TX, and Charity Links, Haley Meyer! Haley is a pro at connecting caring and giving individuals to meet the direct needs of multiple Austin nonprofits like us.
What is your volunteering role with BookSpring?
 I have been able to link community members to learn about direct needs for multiple Austin nonprofits.  When I learned that BookSpring wanted to raise awareness about the importance of having books at home and needed volunteers to make videos for online content, I wanted to help. I want to say thank you to CHH members for gathering books and saying YES to BookSpring!   It is because of this group we are making an impact!
What do you like about BookSpring?
I love that BookSpring provides age-appropriate book suggestions and places books into the little hands that need them the most.
Why is reading important to you?
Reading to my kids helps create a family bond, laughter and increases our communication. It is important that all families have the ability to share these moments together. 
What is your favorite children’s book?
I think The Book with No Pictures is a funny, lighthearted book!

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Volunteer Spotlight: Haley Meyer
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