Thank You to our Board of Directors!

Members of our Board of Directors are the most incredibly dedicated group of volunteers at BookSpring. Their leadership, expertise, and overall passion for our mission make them the heart of BookSpring. Board service is one of the most demanding volunteer roles, and these members have performed with dedication and tenacity. We would be remiss if we did not thank our outgoing Board Members for their contributions.

Brian Zimmerman

Brian Zimmerman is a Finance Manager, Branded Experiences at PayPal. A BookSpring Board member since June 2014, Brian has served as Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee. His expertise in finance helped steward BookSpring through a 30% growth pre-COVID. “His loyalty and focus on the mission have been a wonderful example for everyone who works with the organization,” said Executive Director Emily Ball Cicchini, Ph.D.

Drew Scherz

Drew Scherz joined the BookSpring Board in February 2015 and has served as Board President. Drew said, “My life was vastly improved by adults who took the time to help me learn about the world around me and how beautiful life can be. Books and reading were a massive part of expanding my world.”

Crystal Reynolds

Crystal Reynolds is a Commercial Banker at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. She enjoys being active in the community and giving back in areas of education and employment. Crystal served as Chair of our annual Heroes Awards Luncheon and Development Committee. In addition, she said, “I enjoyed serving on the Board of BookSpring and giving back to the community.”

Jillian Bergman

Jillian Bergman is Director of Holtzman Partners, LLP. She first became involved with BookSpring in October 2014 as a Finance Committee member. She later joined the Board and served as Treasurer and Board President from July 2019 – June 2020. In addition, Jillian is a tremendous supporter of our annual Family Readathon, which brings schools, solo readers, and small teams together to support the importance of books at home and reading together as a community.

Each member contributed her or his own strengths, and these different contributions and perspectives strengthen the Board. We thank them for their leadership and commitment to the children and families in our community and for supporting our vision of a world of families reading and succeeding together.

So, if you happen to see any BookSpring Board members, please join us in thanking them for their service to our community!

Stay Tuned: we look forward to welcoming our 2021-2022 Board of Directors slate in an upcoming announcement!

Thank You to our Board of Directors!
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