Staff Spotlight: Jimmy Minter, Operations Manager

What is your job at BookSpring?

I’m BookSpring’s Operations Manager. That means I have a uniquely diversified role. I manage all of our operations from onboarding new staff, to coordinating our university work studies and AmeriCorps programs, to the maintenance and care of our brand-new facility!

What do you like about your job at BookSpring?

I love that my job ties all my skills together and allows me to use them to help the BookSpring mission flourish and grow. I enjoy being the bridge between the Board and our community. I get to use my talents of connecting people and resolving issues in a way that is fulfilling not only to myself but to the community that I am a part of.

What do you see for BookSpring in the future?

I hope to make a direct impact on BookSpring through our facility. I plan to create an environment within it that makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome. I want those who work here to be able to function at their peak capacity and everyone who visits, from our Board members to our neighbors in to drop off books, to feel like the facility is worthy of our cause.

What would you like to tell the BookSpring audience?

I come from a Latino background and was born and raised right here in Austin. I have seen with my own eyes the struggle that our community deals with because of low literacy. I have watched hard-working families literally working at hard jobs just to provide a better opportunity for their children. I support and contribute my own efforts to BookSpring as I know that it is a massive tool in helping the children of our community reach those greater opportunities and achieve their dreams.

Staff Spotlight: Jimmy Minter, Operations Manager
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