Parents reading during Parent Book Club at Uphaus Elementary
During BookSpring’s Parent Book Club, parents gain confidence, motivation and skills necessary to share books with their children on a regular basis.

Family Book Clubs: Building Confidence and Home Libraries

Developed over a three decades ago by BookSpring, the Family Book Club is a unique, hands-on, family-focused modeling curriculum that provides a unique structure for family engagement, support, and improving both the number of books in the home and the frequency of reading with low-income families.

What people are saying about the BookSpring Family Book Clubs

We asked parents what was the most important thing they learned from the Book Club. Here are some of their responses:

“I learned that I need to read every day to help my children in school and in life.” – Maria, Cepeda Book Club

“I learned to invite my daughters to participate in the reading and to let them choose books that interested them.” – Denise, Jordan Elementary Book Club

“I learned how to ask questions about a story and that reading with my child is fun and important.” – Deysi, Jordan Elementary Book Club

“Reading is important to do every day with my children and that children learn from a very early age.” – Evelin, Cepeda Book Club

Parents filled out surveys in Weeks 1 and 6 of the Book Club, and over 90% of surveyed participants stated increases in the following reading behaviors:

  • Use a special voice to show your child that the story is dramatic, suspenseful, humorous, playful, or sad.
  • Let my child help me tell the story and talk about how the story is like his or her life.
  • Ask questions about what may happen next.
  • Use the book to teach something new to my child.

Families Thrive With Books

Family Book Club is designed both to engage parents in their children’s learning and to engage the family with formal and informal learning experiences in the community. BookSpring offers a variety of events and technical support as part of our Go program to improve parent engagement efforts through books, reading, and reading aloud activities.

During BookSpring’s Family Book Club, families participate in multiple sessions aimed at building confidence in reading aloud together at home. The program model includes:

  • Weekly meetings over a designated period (e.g., six weeks).
  • Read-aloud instruction and practice for parents of pre-K and Kindergarten students.
  • Distribution of a free book each week.
  • Take-home materials to help extend the child’s interest and understanding of each story.
  • Opportunities for parents to read to their children at the end of each meeting.
  • Incentives to visit local libraries.
  • Connection with a school staff person who encourages continued involvement after the Book Club concludes.
  • Upon completion, families receive 6 “forever books” for their children to take home.

This year, our Family Book Clubs are being held exclusively with existing partners.  If you wish to be considered for future opportunities, please reach out to us at

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