Free Books For Kids

BookSpring recommends that families explore reading together at home online.

Digital children’s books can be a terrific online addition to a print library, if the e-books are simple (without lots of pop-up distractions) and if they are used to read together as a family. Our friends at Unite for Literacy have developed a fun and free library of topical digital books best for children ages 3-8 that will work on any internet device connected to the web through a browser, and doesn’t even require a log-in. You will need to provide your zipcode to help with their research. There is content from zoos, family life, and holidays, and it is updated frequently with new titles. Click the pencil icon to access the library in Spanish. Haga clic en el icono del lápiz para acceder a la biblioteca en español. (For more fiction and original illustrated story books in other languages, click here)

And yes, they really are free!

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Free Books For Kids
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