BookSpring Recommends Free Digital Libraries for Children

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Thanks to the digitization of books, families can access a range of titles without leaving the comforts of home.  There are many free online collections that feature a number of quality and acclaimed children’s books.  With the following resources, families can broaden their access their literature with the click of a mouse:

Here are Three Free Digital Libraries for Children:

International Children’s Digital Library – this stunning resource features a wide array of children’s books in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Pashto, Hindi, and French.  First-time visitors, simply click on the Read Books link to enjoy one of the thousands of titles in the library’s catalog.  Entries are organized by age group, length, and subject matter, which facilitates a seamless experience when searching for material.

Oxford Owl – Oxford University Press has released a number of their children’s books online.  Parents can click on Oxford Owl for Home to begin browsing through e-books and activities meant for children ages 5 – 11.  With phonics guides, math games, and guides that promote cooking and creative writing, Oxford Owl has everything a child needs to continue learning at home – only a new account registration is required.

Open Library – the terrific folks at the Internet Archive have digitized nearly 35,000 children’s books, and made them completely free for public viewing.  Read titles from Laura Ingalls Wilder, Roald Dahl, and C.S. Lewis instantly – no registration necessary.  Users can read books on 18 different subjects, including science, art, and music.

Public Libraries Have Digital Libraries for Children

Don’t forget about the local library!  Public libraries often have vast collections of virtual resources that families can easily access with a library card.  The Austin Public library, one of the many libraries in central Texas, has a wide variety of e-books, learning materials, and video tutorials available for children.

Families can take advantage of the many online resources available to encourage children to grow, learn, and play outside of school.  BookSpring is proud to highlight these amazing collections and hopes all families will benefit from having access to these materials.  Thanks to these digital archives, kids of all ages can easily and freely experience the fun and inspiration that comes with learning.

Look for more BookSpring blogs to feature early childhood educational resources of the highest quality.  Building literacy strengthens individuals, families, and communities.  In this digital world, such an act can begin with the click of a button, not only the turn of a page.

BookSpring Recommends Free Digital Libraries for Children
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