Must Read Series: Harry the Dirty Dog

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Students from Gorzycki Middle School are helping BookSpring remind kids reading can help them learn and grow. They are reminding all Central Texas families how inspirational and important books can be. A special thank you for helping launch The Must Read Series for kids.

Student Name: Joaquin G Grade: 6th Grade

When I was little my parents read to me Harry the Dirty Dog my mom read it to me everyday. I sat on the living room couch. I wanted my mom to read it to me over and over again. My favorite character was Harry the dog. The theme of this book was how Harry the dog runs away. then they start looking for him and they find a dirty dog. They take the dog home and clean him and it turns out to be harry and then there all happy. This book taught me not to run away.

This book changed my life by teaching me not to run away because staying at home is better than running away. I would recommend this book because it teaches lessons so that you won’t do stuff that you will regret. To the kids how think reading isn’t worth their time, I say it is because it will teach you a lot of stuff like new words.

Must Read Series: Harry the Dirty Dog
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