Picture Books for ages 6-8

BookSpring Book Reviewers submitted these recommendations for kids age 6-8. Don’t forget you can also access our Weekly Themes for digital books and activities for kids 3-8.

Alma and How She Got Her NameAlma and How She Got Her Name by Juana Martinez-Neal

Review by Barbara Campos 

Alma Sofia Esperanza Jose Pura Candela is a little girl with quite a long name! When she complains to her father that her name is too long, he explains why it was given to her. Alma’s father tells her the stories of some of her ancestors who she never knew about. They were relatives who possessed talent, strength, determination, creativity, and kindness. Alma realizes that she shares these qualities with her ancestors and feels very proud of her name once she understands what it represents. The author, Juana Martinez-Neal, notes at the end of the book that she grew up in Lima, Peru, with a very long name as well and that eventually, just like Alma, she realized how special her name was and loved how it reminded her of where she came from.

Best Friends for FrancesBest Friends for Frances by Russell Hoban

Review by Zsofia (UT WBA)

Best Friends for Frances is a great story for children learning to read and start their elementary school journey. In the book, Frances feels betrayed by her best friend Albert, who leaves her out of a sports game because she is a girl. Frances decides to show Albert what she can do and turns to her sister Gloria to plan an exciting day!

This book is a good read for young children as they begin to figure out who their friends are. It teaches life lessons like never forget your family and siblings, and that girls can do just as much as boys. I would recommend reading this with your children (especially daughters) and maybe doing a family game night afterward to bond. Enjoy!

Lives of the PiratesLives of the Pirates by Kathleen Krull and Kathryn Hewitt

Review by Amelia (UT WBA) 

I highly recommend reading Lives of the Pirates! It’s a great book for exploring what it’s like to sail the high seas. If you’re looking for adventure and danger, this is the book for you! Not only is Lives of the Pirates entertaining, but it is also full of interesting facts. This short read is sure to bring excitement to kids and adults.

Parent/Caregiver Tip: 

If there are more than five words on a page that your child cannot pronounce when they first read a page, the book may be too challenging. Continue the search until they find a book that is perfect for them.

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Picture Books for ages 6-8
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