Planned, Memorial, and Legacy Gifts

Extend your support for BookSpring and make a lasting impact on children and families in need.

  • Whether you would like to put your donation to work today or benefit families after your lifetime, there are many planned and legacy gifts options, which combine estate-planning concepts with major charitable gifts.
  • Some planned gifts are made to organizations after a donor’s death, while others provide a charity with assets while allowing donors to earn an income for a period of time during their life.
  • We are also available to assist with Memorial Tributes to loved ones who have wished to have gifts made to BookSpring in lieu of flowers or other recognition.  Contact us at to make arrangements.

There are many ways to leave a lasting impact through BookSpring.  Simple bequests through a will or living trust, life insurance or retirement beneficiary status, major gifts of real estate or valuable personal properties like cars or artwork, charitable IRA Rollover distributions, or even charitable annuities and trusts, can be structured gifts that allow you to keep your assets and let both non-profits and your beneficiaries benefit.  We appreciate you letting us know if you are intending to make this type of contribution.

These transactions all require some extra planning on your part and the counsel of experts (which we are not!) and we cannot give specific advice about these types of gifts. Please consult your lawyer or tax advisor to help you plan your personal legacy in a way that’s right for you – but also consider letting us know in writing via letter or email that you are doing so, so that we can include your gift in our financial documents as a pledge, which can help leverage even more funding for programs and services.

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