BookSpring Direct- Girl got her books in the mail

Families in Texas

Parent using digital Bibi’s Weekly Themes

“My 2 yr old just finished a class from the YMCA ELR program, and whatever her class was that week, I searched for the same content in the themes. She just started a PBS class last night, and I noticed that the BookSpring app for Weekly Themes is downloaded on the tablet she was given. I’m excited to see how the teacher will incorporate the Weekly Themes into the lessons she will be learning. My daughter calls the themes “blue butterfly books.” So when she asks for the blue butterfly 🦋 I know she wants to read a book.”

BookSpring Parent Recipient

“I just wanted to let you know that we received the books. Thank you so much. My girls were so happy!”

Parent Book Club Participant

“As a young mother, I didn’t know how to help my children be interested in books and learning, and I didn’t realize that even though I don’t speak English, I could still be very involved in their education. Book Club gave me a foundation and helped me gain confidence. It helped our whole family get into the habit of reading together.” 

BookSpring Direct Recipient

“Thank you. They haven’t stopped reading their books!”

Parent Book Club Participant

“The book club has helped me to open a dialog with my boy about what’s in a book, proper library behavior, proper treatment of a book, and how to use a book/library to find information.” 

Rx (Healthcare) Partners

Pediatrician at CommUnityCare

“At CommUnityCare clinic in Austin, talking about the importance of reading is part of what’s called the Well-Child Visit. Families take home a book thanks in part to the efforts of BookSpring. Pediatricians believe they’re well-positioned to promote literacy while assessing a child’s physical health.”

Pediatric Medical Assistant at CommUnityCare

“Parents are excited and most of the time start to read the books to their children while waiting for the doctor.”

Pediatrician at Austin Regional Clinic

“What a gift that this child now went home with a book! Parents don’t often realize how important it is for children to read. It increases bonding between children and parents from the very beginning.”   

Ed (Education) Partners

Librarian at T.A. Brown Elementary – AISD Title 1 School

“It was nice to have a familiar event in the library during this pandemic school year. It was nice to decorate the library and be able to give books to students.”

Fifth Grade Student

“I get to keep books to myself, and I can make collections and read them all I like.” 

Librarian at Hemphill Elementary- Hays CISD Title 1 School

“I can not even begin to say thank you for the overwhelming gift of the books! We are so excited to be able to get books into our kids’ hands for summer reading!”

Fifth Grade Student

“Keeping a book for a long time is very special to me!”

Librarian at Newton Collins Elementary- Del Valle ISD Title 1 School

One of our students said, “This is the best day of my life!”

Librarian at Pickle Elementary- AISD Title 1 School

A fifth-grader said, “I loved the selection this year! 

Librarian at Rodriguez Elementary – AISD  Title 1 School

 “The kids getting to choose a book and realizing that it is theirs to keep is still amazing. The parents watching and helping the kids pick books with such care was really wonderful too.”

Librarian at Creedmoor Elementary – AISD Title 1 School

“Many of our students hugged their new books tight and stared in disbelief, “I get to keep these forever?!” when told the books were free for them to keep.”

Librarian at Overton Elementary – AISD Title 1 School

“One of my students who is not typically a big reader said, “I just don’t know which books to choose – there are too many good ones!”

Go (Community) Partners

Foundation Communities- St.Elmo Neighborhood Project

“What most impresses me about BookSpring is how well they have been able to personalize the experiences for our different populations by tailoring activities and stories to the age group, demographics, and season! BookSpring staff & volunteers are always thoughtful and intentional with their interactions, drawing families in to participate in the fun. BookSpring also models for parents by demonstrating engaging read-aloud for children.” 

Families as Partners- Parent Engagement Program under AISD’s Social Emotional Learning Department

“BookSpring staff presented in our virtual Parent Champion training on literacy! They provided a wealth of accessible information and tools to support parents working with their children on literacy. They took time to explain the importance of all aspects of literacy, including but not limited to reading, in an approachable and engaging manner. Staff also presented the various resources that BookSpring has available for parents, either through their particular schools or through BookSpring online platforms.”

Community Action of Central Texas- Hays County Bookmobile

“The Book Mobile provides free resources on wheels that serve communities of all ages by offering books and activities. My job as a resource coordinator for the bookmobile is to reach out and find these educational resources for families, which can be very stressful for families who don’t know where to start or don’t know where to go. With the help of BookSpring, stress is less. With the help of so many book donations, I have served over 1,000 families that are in our child development programs with free books to share. These resources help families like those residing at the San Marcos Housing Authority Chapultepec Homes.”

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