BookSpring Days

BookSpring Days: Empowering Communities through Book Ownership

Are you a Central Texas non-profit organization serving children and families who are low income? BookSpring Days is now accepting applications from any Central Texas non-profit organization, including health and human service groups, adult ESL programs, camps, and afterschool programs. Join us in distributing books for ownership using our time-tested BookSpring model.

Our Program

BookSpring Days aims to provide children and families with access to books and promote reading at home. As a partner organization, you will receive the following support:

Choice of Books: We work with you to determine the best and widest possible selection of books, allowing your children to choose according to their interests.
Technical Support: We offer training and instructional materials to help your staff and volunteers support parents and caregivers, fostering their confidence and frequency of reading aloud at home.
Diverse Books: We can provide high quality, diverse books to supplement your distribution efforts.
Volunteer Support: On a case-by-case basis, we can offer volunteer support to assist with book distribution and related activities.

Program Fees

To cover a small portion of our total cost, we charge a program fee of $0.79 per child per single book distribution. This fee allows us to sustain and expand our program. We encourage you to choose up to six book distributions per year per child (up to $4.74 per child), as evidence supports the greater academic impact of increased book access. Please note that our total program availability is limited, so apply as soon as possible.

The Need

Many students, particularly those from low-income families, lack high-quality, developmentally and culturally appropriate reading materials at home. Books for Me aims to provide long-term support in addressing this need. Learn more about the importance of building home libraries in a recent research study by Scholastic.

Our Goal

At BookSpring Days, our goal is to provide enough books for at least three books per child per year to all children in Central Texas who have fewer than 20 books at home. We believe that access to books can make a significant difference in a child’s literacy development and educational success.  We are thrilled to offer you our custom-curated books and expertise in group book gifting to make your literacy themed BookSpring Day event a success.

Apply today to become a partner organization with BookSpring Days. Together, let’s empower communities through book ownership and foster a love for reading.


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