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Open Book literacy programOpen Book: Keeping Minds Growing and Books Flowing

BookSpring partners with organizations who want to organize their own book gifting event by offering the Open Book program, which provides free books locally to groups that work with low income families in Central Texas as they are available.  Groups may receive a selection of good quality books counted and sorted into general groups (board books, chapter books, picture books, and young adult) to supplement your efforts, and you will need to come to our HQ or Warehouse to pick them up. Preference is given to high needs areas that we are not currently serving through other programs. First come first serve, and supplies are limited.

We ask you that you distribute the books so that the child can choose their own titles and supply us with some basic information to help us match your children’s interests. You must not resell or charge families directly for these books. In exchange for these free books, we request that you help promote BookSpring throughout your organization, as well as on social media, and we will do the same for you! More details about this will come after you apply. If this option sounds right for you, please apply below!

Help for Less Stress, More Success

However, does this event sound like too much work for you to do on your own? If so, please visit our Programs page to learn more about our engaging parent and child-centered activities and highly curated books for a small program fee. By participating through these programs, you gain BookSpring’s expertise in sorting, leveling, and labeling donated books to help your staff get the right books to the right child every time.

Here’s how BookSpring can support and collaborate with you in organizing your book giveaway:

Book Donations: We can provide a substantial number of sorted and leveled high quality diverse children’s books for your book giveaway event. Through our book collection and distribution efforts, we ensure that children and families in your community have access to a diverse range of new and gently used books.

Book Selection Guidance: With our expertise in children’s literature, we can offer guidance in selecting books that are appropriate for different age groups and reading levels. We understand the importance of providing engaging and culturally diverse reading materials to children, and we can assist you in curating a collection that resonates with the interests and needs of your community.

Literacy Resources: BookSpring can provide additional literacy resources to complement your book giveaway. We offer reading guides, book recommendations, and educational materials that can support families in making the most of the books they receive. These resources can help promote reading engagement and enhance the overall impact of your program.

Programmatic Support: In addition to the book giveaway, we have developed various literacy programs that can be integrated into your initiative. Programs like Books for Me provide activities, resources, and volunteers, and Books Beginning at Birth provides ongoing support and encouragement for children and families. We can work with you to customize and implement these programs, tailoring them to the specific needs and goals of your community.

Volunteer Support: BookSpring has a network of passionate volunteers who are dedicated to promoting literacy. We can connect you with volunteers who can assist in organizing and running your book giveaway event. From book sorting to distribution and other logistics, our volunteers are eager to contribute their time and skills to make the event a success.

Outreach and Promotion: As your partner, we can help raise awareness about your book giveaway event. Through our communication channels, including our website, social media platforms, and newsletters, we can promote your initiative, increasing participation from the community and maximizing the impact of your efforts.

Partnership Opportunities: At BookSpring, we value partnerships and collaborations. By partnering with us, you will gain access to our extensive network of organizations, schools, and community groups that share our vision of promoting literacy. We can facilitate connections and foster a collective effort to address the literacy needs of children in your community.

We are excited about the potential impact we can create together through formal program partnerships. Let’s work hand in hand to empower children with the gift of reading and inspire a love for books that will last a lifetime.

Please visit these pages to apply for Books For Me, ReadWell, or BookSpring Days, so we can begin to discuss the details and explore how BookSpring can support your book giveaway initiative with our full support. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children in our community.

Building Capacity for Everyone

Alternatively, you might also consider organizing a Book Drive to Benefit BookSpring, which will help keep the books flowing to our network of over 200 community partners, with your efforts promoting other book giveaways across our community.

It takes everyone working together to help build early literacy in all families, and we hope you’ll join us in launching children into a world of reading!

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