The Zip Code Project

Expanding to Priority Zip Codes

It’s great to know that we’ve served over half million children in Central Texas in our history, and that we’re continuing to serve so many high need site partners each year.  But, informed by the research on book deserts, we wondered:  Are there pockets of need that we haven’t yet reached?  And if so, where are they?

Luckily, we’ve been working over the past five years to code and track our program data in such a way that we can get quick and up-to-date answers.  We compared our data with key sources and found 20 places with many children in poverty that we might have been missing.  Thus, the Zip Code Project is how we’re filling this gap.

Improve Early Literacy in a Zip Code Near You

We are proud to have over 200 community partners enacting our early literacy programs, but the need in Central Texas is greater than we can currently support. Even with many generous gifts that we are thankful for, there are 20 zip codes in Central Texas where we could be doing a much better job of reaching the right kids with the right books at the right time.

Only $20 per child can make a lasting difference

Please consider sponsoring our programs at a rate of $20 per child in one of the following zip codes to help us reach out to healthcare, education, and health and human service providers to reach the children who will benefit from book donations the most.

These zip codes were identified as being high poverty in numbers or percentage of children by the American Community Survey, and then cross referenced with our annual program data for both number of children and number of books distributed over the past five years. While we will continue to serve our current partners and others, these zip codes are the ones we really need to reach in order to fully serve Central Texas comprehensively with effective early literacy programs.

Imagine Central Texas With Every Child A Reader

We envision a day when we can fully saturate all the need with at least 3 books a year to the 80,000 children living in poverty in our region. You can click the map to see where we’re at with percentage of children and books distributed in each targeted zip code location. What will it take to get us to 100% or more of children benefiting from BookSpring? You!

Where the need is in Our Community

Please look at the map below.  The darkness of the green indicates the strength of the need.  Can you help us connect with potential program partners in any of these sites?  Won’t you help provide the resources needed to get books into the hands of the children living in poverty in these areas?

A full year of support to a location of targeted need

You can make this happen. Your support today will allow us to distribute books and support motivational activities specifically in that area for a full year!

Get on the ground and see your impact

If you sign on, we’d be happy to set up a site visit so you can see your generosity in action, and we can offer company acknowledgement and volunteer opportunities as well.  You can see what others are doing to make an impact in our social media accounts and in our Blog.

Get started with a personal touch

Please contact our Director of Development at (512) 472-1791 x 104 or to discuss your ideas for support, and learn more about how your time, dollars, and volunteers can be involved in early literacy through BookSpring. We are always open to customizing partnerships for the benefit of all parties.

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