Birds for Bookworms Book Drive

Birds Barbershop held a book drive in August, during the back to school rush, at each of their 8 Austin and 1 Houston locations. The Birds for Bookworms book drive benefited the ReBook program with hundreds of books.

Birds Barbershop is a philanthropic leader in the Austin community. They are always seeking for ways to get involved.

Community partner Erica Tennyson said, “I wanted to do something for kids during back to school month and reading about the percentage of low-income homes without books struck a chord with me because I loved reading as a kid!”

“We have a such a kind and generous community and it was heartwarming to see the boxes fill up with many of my favorite books as a child,” she added.

Thank you Birds Barbershop for this wonderful donation that will benefit children in Central Texas!

Birds Barbershop is open 7 days a week. Visit: birdsbarbershop.com

Want to learn more about hosting a book drive? Click here: bookspring.org/our-story/book-donors/


Birds for Bookworms Book Drive
Birds Barbershop
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