Author Ambassador

childrren's book authors supporting BookSpring
Children’s Book Authors Supporting BookSpring

Summary of Position

An Author Ambassador is envisioned as an integral part of our programs and public awareness efforts. They serve as our trusted representatives at school, company, and community-based events, including public speaking, reading aloud, informational sessions, and other community-based events, and we promote and celebrate their writings and their success.  We are particularly interested in authors who write for and/or illustrate books for children and young adults who reside or are affiliated with the region of Central Texas.


  • Organizing events on behalf of BookSpring with little or no staff supervision.
  • Attending periodic meetings with BookSpring Staff to coordinate activities.
  • Leading events at schools, community centers, or companies.
  • Conducting motivational reading activities promoting BookSpring.
  • Delivering and picking up books, supplies, and materials as needed.
  • Ensuring that post-event reports are submitted as required.
  • Ensuring that any BookSpring resources are used according to policy.


  • Recognized as a leading writer or illustrator of child or family-friendly books.
  • Nomination by the Staff and approved by Board of Directors of BookSpring.
  • Annual background checks before placements in schools by BookSpring.
  • Reliable transportation to and from events (transportation not provided).


  1. Special Ambassador recognition on website and social media.
  2. Access to BookSpring’s partners via collaborative campaigns.
  3. Inclusion in BookSpring’s email newsletters and texting services.
  4. Complimentary tickets to events.

Although an Ambassador may solicit and earn revenue based on their own negotiations directly with BookSpring partners, this is a voluntary position. It is requested that 10% of revenue generated through cross-promotional activities be donated back to BookSpring in consideration of ongoing and custom cross-promotion. Ambassadors will be appointed on an annual basis and may be renewed upon mutual agreement.

To apply, send a statement of your qualifications and a letter of interest to Emily Ball Cicchini, PhD, Executive Director by mail to BookSpring, PO Box 153024, Austin, TX 78715-3024, or email apply@bookspring.org.  Feel free to call Emily for more information:  (512) 472-1791 x 106.

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