Volunteer Testimonials

  • “As a volunteer, there may not be a paycheck, but what I get back in excitement in children’s eyes and joy in their voices, is worth a million dollars.”
  • “I love interacting with young children. I really enjoying reading to them and making literature come alive for them.”
  • “I know how to make adjustments to meet the needs of the children I visit. My K background helps with that. I am also a grandmother and great grandmother.”
  • “I really love working with young children. It gives me great joy but more importantly the children love the experience and they know that they are going to receive a book of their own each time I appear in their classroom.”
  • “Just go one time and observe and you will be hooked.”
  • “I find time to volunteer because of the happy faces of the children and I enjoy seeing different elementary schools around the city.”
  • “I wish people knew how much the children love getting their own books to keep at home.”
  • “I like to help the kids sticker and sign their books.”
  • “It’s nice to be involved in something so positive. You can see the joy on the their faces when they pick out a book.”
  • “BookSpring makes children happy while doing something something educational.”
  • “It’s so positive and simple. BookSpring makes it very easy to get involved.”
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