Children’s Book Recommendations for Sharing Love

By: AuntieCam, Guest Blogger 

It is time to celebrate our love of books with books about love. As a proud “Auntie” to many children, I make it a point to shower them with books, particularly those that help them grow their emotional muscles, feel reassured that my love for them is unwavering, and expose them to different cultures and viewpoints.

I encourage you to choose a special book to read with the children in your life. To help you prepare, below are a few recommendations that highlight many kinds of love. Enjoy one or all these together!

Seep Well, Siba and Saba by Nansubuga Isdahl

This book is about two Ugandan sisters, Siba and Saba, and to me is a great book about sisterly love. The two sisters are always together and dream about the things that they have lost (like their socks!) But one day they dream of something different. I think children love this book for the fun sounds (isn’t it fun to say “Siba” and “Saba?”) For extra credit, encourage children to look for the lost items in the pages.

The Invisible String by Patrice Karst

This book is about how we are all connected to each other through an invisible string. To me it is a great book about loving those who may not be physically present with us, maybe because they live far away or have moved on. When we miss those people, we just tug on our invisible string to let them know that love them. Sometimes we may feel them gently tugging on their end as well. This is fun to read and to then do a quick “test” of the string that connects you and your reader.

Yo Soy Muslim: A Father’s Letter to his Daughter, by Mark Gonzales and Mehrdokht Amini

This book is a father’s letter to his daughter and is an exceptional book is about parental love. The book is melodic and soothing. As you turn the pages, you feel the father’s love spilling from the pages. My favorite line is when the father tells the girl to know she is wondrous because she is “a child of the moon,. . . an ancestor in training.” When reading this book, it is fun to look for the girl taking many adventures that her dad describes.

Green Beans for Eva, by Christine Young

This book is about the love between a dog and his family. Eva loves green beans and her family is happy to oblige her. For those that may be sensitive to it, Eva does get sick for a moment, but then she recovers and of course – is ready for green beans! This book has a great repetition that children love to join in for. Challenge your young reader to say the repetition with you!

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Children’s Book Recommendations for Sharing Love
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