Literati changes lives, one book at a time.

Literati is the book club that makes it easy to find unique and interesting books for kids ages 0-12. Each Literati box contains five, age-appropriate books based on a theme like The Spirit of Adventure or The Animal Kingdom. Each one is personalized for each child, and delivered right to their door. The Austin-based company was founded in 2016 by two female writers.

The company’s values are deeply rooted in promoting the foundational significance that literacy plays in a child’s development.

Partnerships Manager Vanessa Castañeda says, “Literati is dedicated to lifelong learning, intellectual curiosity, and sparking revolutionary excitement in literature. Our donations program is one of the ways we give back to our community in Austin.”

When Literati Book Club Members keep all 5 books in their monthly box, they can use the empty box and the prepaid return mailer to send gently used book donations to Literati.

Literati then works through partnerships to ensure the children who would benefit the most receive them. Since 2016, Literati’s been a crucial partner in our 20 books by 2020 initiative.

Executive Director Emily Ball Cicchini says, “As a locally-based start-up company with a greater social mission, we are grateful for their support to help us get books to families who can’t afford services like this on their own in Central Texas.  It’s a win-win for the future of books!”

Just 20 books at home equals 3 more years of education for a child. We continue to work to reach children living in the highest poverty zip codes to help them build their home library, as well as provide evidence-based motivational activities designed to build a lifelong love of reading.

“We’re thrilled to support BookSpring’s mission of creating a world of families that read and succeed together. We’re changing lives, one book at a time,” says Vanessa.

Literati subscribers have donated over 20,000 books to children and families in Central Texas! 

“I want to encourage every family with children at home to check out Literati’s wonderful delivery service. The books they select are top-notch and sure to engage the lucky kids who receive them. It’s such an easy way for busy working families to add a steady stream of books for young readers.” BookSpring Executive Director 

Literati changes lives, one book at a time.
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