How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook

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A reading nook can be the perfect way to enjoy curling up with your favorite books! Read Lorena Romo’s guest blog for some tips and tricks that will inspire you to craft a perfect reading nook.

Why Create a Reading Nook?

For those who have a habit of reading often, creating your own special space will make it even more enjoyable. There are lots of benefits to having a reading nook in your home, including:

  • Having your very own reading nook gives you a quiet space to relax and de-stress.
  • Reading is a great habit for kids and adults alike. Designating a space in your home for this activity will encourage everyone in the family to read more.
  • When you read a lot of books, you’ll enhance and grow your vocabulary and improve your spelling skills.
  • Spending your free time with a good book can help you learn new things and discover new characters, worlds, and experiences.
  • There’s nothing quite like enjoying a great book, some downtime, and the soothing smells of scented candles to help promote relaxing at home.

Finding the Perfect Space

Once you’re committed to creating a reading nook, it’s time to think about the perfect location in your home. If you happen to have a spare room such as a guest bedroom or a space over the garage, these are two fantastic options. If your home is small or you’re short on space, you can still enjoy the perks of a private reading nook.

Reading Nook Essentials

After you’ve chosen the perfect space in your home for reading, it’s time to bring in the essentials. From furniture to storage, here are a few must-haves that every home reading nook should include:

  • Lighting: If you’re still reading when the sun goes down, you need to have adequate lighting in your reading nook.
  • Décor: Give your reading nook some personality with some fun pieces of décor.
  • Furniture: When you dive into an awesome book, it’s important to have comfortable furniture to keep you immersed in your reading. A cushy chair with thick cushioning or a nice recliner is both terrific options for comfy, cozy reading spaces.
  • Storage: Of course, no reading nook is complete without a proper way to store your books. Try a tall bookshelf with plenty of room, and organize your books by title, author, or your own cataloging method.
  • Ambiance: If you want to create a calming environment, you need a few things to create a relaxing ambiance. An oil burner with some essential oils is a great way to create a soothing scent that calms the mind. Add a soft blanket to your reading chair so you can snuggle under it on chilly nights.
  • Personal Touch: Give your reading nook some personality by decorating it with sentimental items like a few photos of your friends and family or a piece of artwork painted by a friend.

Make Your Reading Nook Enjoyable for the Whole Family

Encourage your kids to read more by creating a reading space that everyone can enjoy. Reading a book aloud and having storytime is a great way to spend quality time together as a family.

Your reading nook can also double as a quiet place where the kids can do their homework or catch up on school assignments. Make the space special by adding kid-friendly furniture.  The idea is to make this part of your home special and accommodating for everybody for fond memories and family time.

If you’re not sure which books to stock up on for your kids, look for a list of the top books for children. Talk to your child’s teacher and ask them for a recommended reading list. Check-in with other parents to see what books their kids are reading. You can also buy a few of your own favorite books from your childhood to pass on as a family tradition. According to the Association for Library Services to Children, some of the top books for kids of 2020 include:

  • The Balcony. By Melissa Castrillón for younger children
  • Bear Came Along. By Richard T. Morris for younger children
  • Because of the Rabbit. By Cynthia Lord for middle-school children
  • Each Tiny Spark. By Pablo Cartaya for middle-school children
  • All the Greys on Greene Street. By Laura Tucker for teenagers and high school-aged children

How to Keep Your Project on a Budget

You don’t need to remodel your home or spend a ton of money to enjoy a reading nook at home. To keep things affordable, consider making your patio a reading space. Add a few comfortable outdoor chairs and make sure you have plenty of shade so you can get some fresh air and read while spending time in nature. When it comes to furniture for your reading nook, repurpose old pieces or shop at a thrift store to find affordable options.

Whether you’re an avid reader or just enjoy the occasional best-seller, a reading nook is a perfect way to relax and spend your leisure time. Make sure your new space is comfortable and inviting. If you have kids, design a reading nook that the entire family will enjoy. You’ll make memories together that will last a lifetime and help your children develop healthy lifelong habits that they can pass onto their kids, too.

Check out our blog for more tips on how to raise little book lovers. 

How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook
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