Reading for Birth to 36 months

From the moment a child is born, the brain begins growing. Research shows that a parent or caregiver’s voice helps activate the language centers of the brain in infant and toddlers. Each precious month of development is a great time read to your child with board books: small hard books with basic colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. Read more about what other parents recommend in the posts below.

Books Begining at Birth Partnerships with Early Educators

Books Beginning at Birth: A New Partnership for Birth to Age 4

Books Beginning at Birth Program for Texas Families Early childhood programs have long-lasting impacts on children, families, and broader communities. The Texas Association for the Education of Young Children (TXAEYC) and BookSpring launched the Books Beginning at Birth program to ensure more families are empowered and motivated to read together ...
Family reading under a blanket

Making Reading Interactive: Techniques to Enhance the Reading Experience for the Whole Family

Let's Read a Book Together! Reading is not just a solitary activity; it can be a wonderful opportunity for families to bond, learn, and grow together. By incorporating interactive reading techniques, families can make the reading experience more engaging and enjoyable. In this article, we will explore various methods such ...
If You Give A Pig A Pancake

Picture Books for Babies and Toddlers

BookSpring Book Reviewers submitted these recommendations for babies and toddlers. Be sure to access our Weekly Themes for digital books and activities for kids 3-8. If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff Review by Kathleen and Owen (YMSL)  This book is excellent for children five or younger ...
Home Grown Book Lovers

Home Grown Book Lovers

We're reposting this guest blog, by Natalia Mirkowicz, to encourage parents and caregivers, during quarantine, to establish a reading routine with their babies at home. Here's why... A common misconception among families is that literacy education starts during the school years. Yet, research shows that starting to read and speak ...
Summer Reads from Birth-Age 3

Summer Reads from Birth-Age 3

Summer is the perfect time for kids to immerse themselves in reading! U.S. Bank employees are teaming up with us to promote summer reading! Employees shared some of their top children’s book recommendations for kids from birth-age 3. The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister Review by Halle Morrell  The Rainbow ...
Dr.Seuss books build bonds and imaginations

Dr.Seuss books build bonds and imaginations

Venus shares the power of reading with her reviews of some of her favorite Dr. Seuss books! Reading these Dr. Seuss classics is a wonderful way to bond with young ones at home and stimulate their imaginations. Read one of these stories and afterward work on a craft project as ...
Green Eggs and Ham

Must Read Series: Green Eggs and Ham

Students from Gorzycki Middle School are helping BookSpring remind kids reading can help them learn and grow. They are reminding all Central Texas families how inspirational and important books can be. These middle schoolers launched the Must Read Series for kids. These are book recommendations by kids for kids and ...
Unite for Literacy Wash Your Hands Digital Book

BookSpring Recommends Unite For Literacy

Parents and caregivers looking for wonderful non-fiction and board-book style e-books will be thrilled by Unite for Literacy's free browser-based platform, where all you need to enter is a zip code to access a library full of digital books ...
Wanted:  Healthcare Professionals Who Care About Academic Success

Wanted: Healthcare Professionals Who Care About Academic Success

Social science research shows a statistically significant correlation between the size of home libraries and children’s future academic success. According to Unite for Literacy’s book desert map, which analyzes variables including income, ethnicity, geography and languages, at least 70% US households have fewer than 20 children’s books in the home ...
New Study on Book Gifting for Babies

New Study on Book Gifting for Babies

By Emily Ball Cicchini, Executive Director The tradition of book gifting has been studied scientifically by researchers in education and healthcare for many years.  Practices include bookmobiles, little free libraries, and other early literacy interventions and social programs at the regional, national, and global levels. We at BookSpring look to ...
Reading to Young Children Makes Lasting Impact

Reading to Young Children Makes Lasting Impact

by Christy Anderson It makes sense: the more a child reads, the better a child gets at reading. But studies show that being read to is just as critical to a child’s growing literacy and language development, even in very young children, including infants and toddlers. Even Children Who Can’t ...
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