Literacy Begins Early

Literacy is the foundation of our lives! Our education begins when language, expression, and meaning meet between the pages of a book. Books shape our view of the world and generally improve our quality of life.

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We often overlook just how much the books and media we consume impact whom we become in life. They contribute to our ability to think critically and communicate effectively.

Think back to all the books you snuck off and read in corners of your school library. The books you stayed up past your bedtime reading beneath your blankets with a flashlight.

When you look back at the stories and authors that influenced you, the nostalgia that sets in, that sense of hope is something BookSpring wants to provide for children, one book at a time. But that’s not all!

BookSpring encourages families to build a reading culture at home while providing easy access to print books, digital books, and other resources.

To maximize impact, BookSpring partners with healthcare providers, educators, and other nonprofits to provide book distributions, supplemental activities, and events designed to educate, inspire, and motivate children and families to read together.

Benefits of Reading Together

Research has found that reading storybooks to children is one of the most important activities for developing success in reading. 

 Here are some of the benefits of reading together!

  1. Strengthens family bonds
  2. It expands vocabulary and imagination
  3. It helps develop good analytical skills
  4. It allows us to understand how other people think and feel
  5. Develops a lifelong love of reading

Parents play an essential role in their child’s development and educational performance. Reading together increases the child’s cognitive skills and helps create memories that last a lifetime. 

Books and Online Resources

Families with children ages 3-5 and 6-8 can explore 52 different themes, each complete with downloadable books and recommended activities through Bibi’s Weekly Themes. You can also subscribe to the BookSpring YouTube channel to explore read-aloud playlists for each theme.

Literacy Begins Early
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