4 Board Members Complete Their Terms

Four of Bookspring’s board members have just completed their terms. Each has made significant personal and financial commitment on behalf of Austin’s children, and their service over six years has been invaluable.

Margene Beckham
Margene Beckham served on the Storybook Heroes events committee. We are proud to have benefited from her 30+ years of professional and volunteer experience in the Austin community.
6-25-15 Claire Stuart
Claire Stuart served with Margene on the Storybook Heroes events committee. Her passion is in serving underprivileged youth, and for six years Austin’s children have profited from her commitment.
6-25-15 Ann Downing
Ann Downing has been serving as the chair for our development committee. Over her term, her passion for kids and dedicated service created significant diversification among Bookspring’s funding sources across individual, corporate, and foundation supporters.
6-25-15 Amy Clark Meachum
Judge Amy Clark Meachum served as board president twice during her term. Her leadership at Bookspring has been invaluable and shows her dedication to literacy and helping children achieve their dreams.

Margene, Ann, and Amy have been appointed to “Champions,” a special advisory group for BookSpring, and Claire will continue to serve on the events committee as a volunteer.

These volunteer leaders will continue to be a part of Bookspring, even as they step down from board positions. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their sacrifice, and we are proud to know that Austin children will be better because of them.

4 Board Members Complete Their Terms
Margene Beckham Board Member
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