Little Books at Work

BookSpring recently received a generous donation of over $600 from our wonderful benefactor, Little Book of Words.


Little Book of Words has a simple way to help fight illiteracy and open doors for children in need: Buy A Book – Give A Book (BAB-GAB). Every time you buy a book form Little Book of Words, they donate a percentage to BookSpring. This helps us give books to children to children develop a desire to read so they can succeed in school and life.

Inspiration in Small Packages

Little Book of Words publishes pocket sized inspirational books on a variety of life-changing topics, such as things “Every Foster Kid Should Know” or “Every First Time Mom Should Know.” Their method of creating these stories involves extensive research with people who have first hand knowledge of their subjects, including in depth interviews for a candid and honest approach. These little books offer readers practical advice, easy to apply action steps, and inspiration from people who have been where they are.

Visit and Shop

So check out the web store, and consider buying a Little Book of Words for someone you love who’s facing a big life transition. You’ll also be helping out BookSpring and the 40,000 children we serve each year.

Little Books at Work
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