Reader’s Cafe for 6-8 year olds

This week is a time to read and learn about all things food. Perhaps you’ll read about foods you like, foods you’ve never had before, the food you like to make with your family, and so much more! Watch this video, download books to read together, and explore things to do with BookSpring.

Read Together at Home

Here are some books to read together! You can download and save them and keep them forever, to read again and again.

Things to Do Together

  • Learn more with our partner Austin PBS: Play the Chef Leo’s Crazy Kitchen Game
  • Learn more with our partner Austin PBS: Play the Wild Kratts Games
  • Make a recipe together
    1. Look up a recipe on the internet or in a cookbook and read through the steps and ingredients together. Choose something simple so your child can be very involved
  • Play “Restaurant” 
    1. Set up a table and chairs and have your child either be the cook, waiter, or customer. You can get creative and draw menus for your pretend restaurant and even use play food if you have it. Maybe serve some of the food you made together!
  • Build kitchen & cooking vocabulary
    1. Next time you are at the store together, travel down aisles you don’t usually visit and read some of the labels together. Maybe you’ll find something new to try
    2. Go through your kitchen cabinets and see if your child can name all the foods and gadgets you have on hand. 
  • Write a menu or a recipe
    1. Writing is a big component of literacy, so work with your child to think of a recipe you like and put it down on paper together. You could also write a whole menu of a restaurant you like to visit or want to visit

Share Together

Reflect on what you read and did at the end of the week.

  • Did you learn something new about food?
  • What types of food would you want to try next?
  • Do you now know something about cooking that you didn’t before?

Share with BookSpring!

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More Ideas To Build Young Readers

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  • Bake banana bread together! This is a helpful blog that shows ways to get young children more involved in the process:

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Reader’s Cafe for 6-8 year olds
Readers Cafe Card Ages 6-8 year olds
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