Reading Takes Me Places for 3-5 year olds

It’s Bibi here, your favorite reading buddy.  Sometimes I just want to get away, don’t you?  I like to imagine I’m on an island, or Iceland, or Greenland, or even the Moon!  Even if you can’t get away, you can always open a book, and it’s almost like being there for real.

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Read Together at Home

Here are some books to read together!  You can download and save them and keep them forever, to read again and again.



Things to Do Together

  • Learn more with our partner Austin PBS: Play the Drive Trolley Game
  • Share where in the world you would like to travel and how you’d get there. Would you take a bus? Ride a bike? Walk? Take a train or a ship? Maybe a combination of these?
  • Draw a picture of your favorite mode of transportation or one you use regularly as a family. As a refresher, you probably read about trains, boats, buses, taxis, cars, bikes, etc. 
  • Pack an imaginary suitcase for an imaginary trip around the world. Talk about what you’d need to pack in terms of clothes and items you need to take with you and create a ticket (a bus pass, train ticket, boat ticket, etc) for how you will get to your destination!

Share Together

At the end of the week, reflect on what you read and did.

  • I learned that there are many different ways to travel! Some of those ways are: __________________________________
  • Did you discover any new neighborhoods, cities, states, or countries you would like to visit? Where are they and how would you get there?

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More Ideas To Build Young Readers

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Reading Takes Me Places for 3-5 year olds
Reading takes me places 3-5
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