Honoring our Ancestors 6-8 years

Bibi here.  Do you ever feel different?  Like butterflies, you can see them in many different colors:  black, brown, white, and all shades in between.  In the past, great leaders have worked to make sure all people feel like they belong.  Books are a great way to remember and respect them.

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Read Together at Home

Here are some books to read together!  You can download and save them and keep them forever, to read again and again.



Things to Do Together

  • Learn more with our partner Austin PBS: Watch the Explaining Race video
  • Think about words like race, equality, and justice. Look up definitions of these words and think about how people are treated differently because of the way they look. Are there other things that affect how we are treated or treat people? Talk about how you would each like to be treated, and how you can be an instrument of positive change in our world. 
  • Make a list of words you would use to describe people you admire. Example: “Kind,” “fair,” “good listener,” etc
  • Take a virtual field trip to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Memorial monument in Washington, DC
  • Take a virtual tour through this map of the Civil Rights movemen

Share Together

At the end of the week, reflect on what you read, and what you did.

  • Who are some people in history or my life that I admire?
  • What are the causes or problems I want to help get solved?
  • What are things I can do to help people who don’t look like me?

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More Ideas To Build Young Readers

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Honoring our Ancestors 6-8 years
Weekly Themes 24 Honoring our Ancestors 6-8 years
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