Webs, Wings, and Wiggly Things for 6-8 year olds

Did you know that more insects are living on the earth than all the animals and people together?  Even though some look strange, I love them all so much.  Let’s learn more about them in a book!

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Books to Read Together 

Here are some books to read together! You can download and save them and keep them forever, to read again and again.

Little Ant’s Big Plan

  • How did Little Ant help the other ants?
  • How would you feel if you could help someone else?

White Butterfly

  • At first, why can’t the white butterfly go to school?
  • What do you take to school?

Are You an Insect?

  • What are some things that robot insects can do?
  • What’s your favorite insect?

Rose and Rocky’s War on Insects 

  • Why do Rose and Rocky kill the insects?
  • Why are insects important?

La Mariposa Blanca

Al principio, ¿por qué no puede ir a la escuela la mariposa blanca?

¿Que te llevas a la escuela?

La guerra de Rose y Rocky contra los insectos

  • ¿Por qué matan los insectos Rose y Rocky?
  • ¿Por qué son importantes los insectos?

¿Qué tiene la luciérnaga?

  • ¿Cuál es el propósito de la luciérnaga?
  • ¿Has visto una luciérnaga?

¿Eres un insecto?

  • ¿Cuáles son algunas cosas que los insectos robóticos hacen?
  • ¿cual es tu insecto favorito?

Billy, la pequeña hormiga inteligente

  • ¿Por qué no deja leer a Billy?
  • ¿Cómo te sentirías si no pudieras?

Things to Do Together

Write: Play the bug syllable game! Using your hands to clap out syllables, decide how many syllables are in each of the following words and make a list for each number of syllables, 1-4: ant, butterfly, spider, cricket, grasshopper, caterpillar, worm, slug, snail, fly, moth, mosquito, bumblebee, wasp, beetle, dragonfly, ladybug, stick bug.

Create: Draw some Bugs Friends together. Draw 3 medium-sized circles on two pieces of paper, identically. The circles should be stacked on top of each other like you’re drawing a snowman. Then, please have your child tell you how to draw/decorate your bug (size/color of wings, antenna, eyes, legs, etc.), and then switch and give your child instructions on how to draw their bug. 

Create: Make an edible ant hill together! It’s tastier than it sounds :) You’ll need a clear plastic cup, chocolate pudding for “dirt,” graham cracker crumbs for the “sand,” and then either chocolate chips or raisins as the ants. Enjoy!

Explore: Take a Bug Nature walk, and draw pictures of which bugs you see, and take notes on what they look like. 

Share Together

At the end of the week, reflect on what you read and what you did.

  • Did you learn about any new jobs?
  • Is there a job you would like to learn more about?

More Ideas To Build Young Readers

  1. Come back each Sunday for new Weekly Themes from BookSpring. Meanwhile, keep reading for more parent tips and recommendations!
  2. Read Sophie’s Masterpiece on Storyline Online
  3. Watch the PestQuest series from Scholastic.
  4. Play Sort The Bugs and other games from Scholastic 
  5. Make some Critter Crafts 
  6. For more bug-themed learning activities, click here, o aquí para español

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Webs, Wings, and Wiggly Things for 6-8 year olds
Week 36 Webs Wings and Wiggly Things Card Ages 6-8
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