The 5 Senses for 6-8 year olds

Seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling. These are the five senses. The 5 Senses are the special ways that living things can learn and know about the world around us. Each one is special and helps us do so many things together – like reading!

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Books to Read Together: English

Here are some books to read together! You can download and save them and keep them forever, to read again and again.

Eye Can See

  • What does a magnifying glass do? What does a microscope do?
  • If you had a magnifying glass, what would you want to look at? And if you had a microscope?
  • Where do you think you would use binoculars?

Pipsqueak Hears Echoes

  • What happened to Pipsqueak’s ears?
  • What is echolocation?
  • How is human hearing different from echolocation? 

Sona’s Very Smart Nose

  • What does Sona’s uncle do?
  • What smells do you like?

Londi: La niña soñadora

  • ¿Cuáles sentidos usa Londi en la historia?
  • ¿Qué tipos de animales ve Londi en las nubes?

La Nariz Sona Muy Inteligente

  • What does Sona’s uncle do?
  • What smells do you like?

Los Fantásticos Lentes de Amelia

  • Where did Amelia find the glasses?
  • How do her new glasses change the way she sees the world?


  • Who did the birds hear laughing?
  • What noises do you hear during the day?

Things to do Together

Choose an object to describe, for example, a leaf from a tree. Can you describe it using all five of your senses?

  • Seeing: green and brown
  • Tasting: how do you think a leaf will taste (do not put anything that you find outside into your mouth!)
  • Smelling: like dirt, musty
  • Touching: bumpy, soft
  • Listening: does the leaf make a noise? If you bend it? Can you write/tell a friend about this object using all the words you thought of to describe it? 

Listening game: Have your child sit in the middle of the room –

walk quietly around them and say their name from different spots in the room. Can they point to where you are standing each time you speak? 

Share Together

At the end of the week, reflect on what you read and what you did. 

  • If you could enhance (make stronger) one of your senses, which one would you choose? Why?
  • Which sense do you think you use the most?
  • Which sense do you think you use the least?

More Ideas To Build Young Readers

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The 5 Senses for 6-8 year olds
Week 5 senses Ages 6-8
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