Grandparents Instill Love of Reading

Submitted by Kaye and Randy Patterson, Champions of BookSpring

Being a Grandparent is great!! For many years as a parent, there was always the worry that decisions on raising your children wouldn’t prove to be right. The arrival of grandchildren (and recently a great-grand daughter) tends to ratify the choices we made as our kids have turned out to be caring and successful parents themselves.


The Patterson's great-grandaughter gets a bedtime story from mommy
The Patterson’s great-grandaughter gets a bedtime story from mommy

One decision we made early on was to try to instill the love of reading and the curiosity about all things it encourages and, on balance, this was successful. Looking through the wrong end of the telescope as we age, it is hard to see how we both developed a love for reading as kids, but I know that my own parents accomplished this, and our daughters followed with enthusiasm.


Kaye Patterson reads to her children
Regular trips to the local library were made to carry home shopping bags of books – often read by flashlight after “lights out.” The books were read by Dad, Mom and to younger sisters by the older ones, and there was never much doubt that there would be another library trip needed in just a few days.


Kaye and Randy Patterson at the 2013 Volunteer Appreciation Party
Kaye and Randy Patterson
From grandparents to grandchildren, the Patterson family is actively involved with BookSpring and we are very fortunate to have them. Thank you for all you do for us. You are all very appreciated!

Grandparents Instill Love of Reading
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