Jurassic Readers for 3-5 year olds

Bibi here. Do you like dinosaurs? RAWR… I do too! T-Rex, Raptors, and Triceratops. This week we take a Jurassic Readers journey as we explore the world of dinosaurs. 

Watch this video, download books to read together, and explore things to do with BookSpring.

Books to Read Together 

Here are some books to read together!  You can download and save them and keep them forever, to read again and again. You will also find discussion questions for each book. 

Greeny and Hoppers Become Friends:

  • Who is Hoppers?
  • What kind of dinosaur do you think Greeny is?

Fun with Dinos:

  • How many ice creams are there?
  • How many birds can you see?
  • How many mice can you see?
  • How many dinosaurs are there?
  • Where is the volcano?
  • How many mangoes can you see?

The Amazing Dinosaur Witch Aribantan:

  • What does Gabella look like?
  • What did the Dinosaur Witch Aribantan do?

Rorry the Angry Dinosaur:

  • Would you be scared to climb a mountain like Rorry?
  • Why was Rorry happy at the end of the story?

Tres Dinosaurios Chicos

  • ¿Que comieron los dinosaurios?
  • ¿Que estaba en la espalda del dinosaurio?
  • ¿Qué frutas comes tú?

El Dinosaurio y El Árbol Grande

  • ¿Te gusta comer cocos?
  • que tipo de fruta crece en árboles?


  • ¿Que viste en el libro?

Things to Do Together

Create: Make dinosaur feet -for this, you will need two empty pop-up tissue boxes. Decorate them together to look like dinosaur feet. http://abirdandabean.com/2011/03/tissue-box-dinosaur-feet.html

  • If you don’t have empty tissue boxes, you can just use paper/card and cut them out:  https://bit.ly/3b1j3pq

Move: T-rex says (played like Simon says): give an instruction starting with “T-Rex Says” e.g. “T-Rex says touch your nose.” Continue with instructions for different movements – your child should do the movements only that T-Rex says they should. If the instruction does not start with “T-Rex says” your child should shake their head as if saying no. 

Reflect on What You Read and Did

At the end of the week, ask these questions to your kids.

  • Did you learn something new about dinosaurs?
  • What do you think dinosaurs could have learned if they’d been able to read books?
  • If you could choose to be a dinosaur for a day – what would you choose to be?

More Ideas To Build Young Readers

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Jurassic Readers for 3-5 year olds
Week 29 Jurrasic Readers Card Ages 3-5A
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